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Security solutions for warehousing businesses

Security solutions for warehousing businesses

The modern warehouse faces a number of safety and operational challenges everyday. Make the safety and security in the warehouse is the top priority. Security Solutions can help by providing a professional monitoring system that can give you a constant view of your business, maintain the security your employees, inventory and also meet changing guidelines for business operations

Security solutions for warehousing businesses


It is not a simple warning when breakdown something, changing environment in warehouse suddenly or warning for illegal intrusion. HomeOS provides a whole security solution that is combined between the security monitoring systems and controlling systems. Those systems will improvise promptly when unexpected things occur without human intervention.

A simple operating system

Warehouse is installed with environment control system- sensors placed at appropriate locations around the warehouse. The sensors collect environmental information such as light, humidity, and so on. And then, all parameters will be transferred from sensors to only one center system for calculating and giving control commands such as turn on fans, pull the curtain, and so on. In order to ensure your warehouse's environment always be maintained fit with standard or timely improvises when illegal intrusion.


Easily controlling

The system can automatically operate. However, the users still interact directly to the operating of the system when a problem occurs if wanted.


Flexible script

Based on the script, or the users can customize depending on their purposes. Moreover, the script can improvise on the different geographic regions.

Partition management

Suppose that there are 2 incidents concurrently happen in 2 different sub regions such as fire and humidity beyond the standard. The central system will command to CO2 Sprinkler system operates. It is especially valuable where other extinguishing mediums might damage stock or equipment in warehouse. On the other hand, the center system will command to turn on the fans in the other sub-region in order to reduce the humidity to the level allowed humidity. 


Monitoring frequently.
The sensors will collect data from environment and then parameters will be transferred to center system frequently in order to timely control.

Timely noticed
The system will send noticed directly to any equipment that can present information such as mobile phone, laptop, tablet, and so on



Unlimited connection

You can control your warehouse from everywhere through Internet or SMS. It easy for you to intelligently control every aspect of your warehouse no matter where you are, using one simple-to-use interface

Cost reduction and risk management

In large areas will be categorized into many different smaller areas. Improvisations activities just only occur in the problem areas (not application in the whole areas). It reduces the unnecessary expenses as well as damage in the sub-regions that are not in the same problem.


Installation easily

Delivery and installation in 1 day, with simple operation you absolutely do not have to worry about the process.


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