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Intelligent Agricultural Solutions

Intelligent Agricultural Solutions

Provides high technology to the agricultural marketplace, focusing on paradigm shifting electronics and software innovations. In addition, Intelligent Ag has embraced the smart phone and tablet revolution and is using these devices to improve customer experience. Intelligent Agricultural Solutions (Intelligent Ag) helps the managers can easily control, monitor their farms.

Intelligent Agricultural Solutions


There are some problems that the managers often face with:  

  • Safety and Health Standards for Agriculture.
  • There are so many things you need to do when managing the farm.
  • Erratic fluctuations in climate and weather. 
  •  A slow improvisation with the changing of environment.
  • Difficulty of predicting aspects of crop growth

HomeOS provides Intelligent Agricultural Solutions (Intelligent Ag) to help the management of the farm becomes easier than ever.


Controlling and monitoring 

The managers can track the happenings of the whole farms in real time; therefore, instant giving control commands that do not depend on the geographical distance.

Smart script

Base on the scripts that have set up before to activate the mode to the system such as turn on watering system, turn on ventilator, and so on.

Flexible in monitoring

Managers can easily monitor, control their farms from everywhere through Internet or SMS.

Forecasting the crop growth

Managers can review the statistics of climate and development processes of the crops in the past. From that, they can adjust or predict of crop care process to create the optimal environment for the development of the crops in the near future.

Operating easily

The sensors will collect data from environment and then parameters will be transferred to center system frequently in order to timely control.

Saving costs

The solution helps the managers can use efficiency resources and minimize some costs such as labor costs, saving energy.

Installation easily

Delivery and installation in 1 day, with simple operation you absolutely do not have to worry about the process.

Easily upgrade and expand the system

In the future, with the development and expansion of farm scale, HomeOS will offer scalable solutions for you without any additional cost to build the original system.



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