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Smart home solutions

Smart home solutions

Welcome to smart home solutions of HomeOS, a smart automation solution for homes and businesses that makes it easy for you to intelligently control every aspect of your home no matter where you are, using one simple-to-use interface. Smart home solutions make your life more comfortable, more efficient, and more secure

Smart home solutions

You really want to improve your living standard but there are a number of problems that make you feel worried.      

-    Not really understand criteria about living standards.

-    Deal with high technology.

-    Lost time to control and monitor equipment.

-    Might destroy the whole design of the house.

-    Using too much energy for operating.

With the slogan “let think it, we do it”, HomeOS always willing to help you overcome difficulty and improve your life through providing the smarthome system. 

HomeOS smarthome system is combined between house’s equipment.              


Simple operation    

Task1. Your house is installed with environment control system; consist of temperature, and sensors placed at appropriate locations around your house. The sensors collect environment situations (light, humidity,…) Task2. Equipment in house (air condition, fans, curtains, water heater, garden watering system,…)
Task 3. All parameters will be transferred from sensors to center system for calculating and giving control commands to air condition devices, fan, curtain, and so on. In order to ensure your house's environment always be maintained fit with standard.                     

Auto improvise           

Depending on the script, smarthome system totally can adjust with different situations. You do not have to worry to deal with everything happened in your house.               







Monitor environment frequently    

All parameters will be transferred from sensors to center system frequently in order to timely control.        

Safety with security system

Protecting your house 24/7, monitoring and controlling every explosion risks (gas leaking, electric firing, and so on) and illegal intrusion.                         
Timely noticed
Smarthome system will send noticed directly to any equipment that can present information such as mobile phone, laptop, tablet, and so on.           

Unlimited connection     

You can control your house from everywhere through Internet or SMS.            




Saving energy         

Using effectiveness and efficiency energy through turn off if unnecessary. Moreover, smart system coordinates fluently between environment situations and house equipment in order to minimize using energy.             

Quickly installing

Only one day for installing system without breaking your house’s design.              


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